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Pagemaker PDF Instructions

To create PDF files for magazine printing there are three steps required: Software/system setup, making individual postscript files for each page and distilling them.


You will need Pagemaker 4, Adobe Acrobat Distiller 4.0 or greater.

Download our imagesetter's Printer Description File (Windows or Mac), unzip it and place it into the PPD's folder in your System Folder
Download our PDF Settings (Windows or Mac) and place the correct file it in Distiller's Settings folder.


1. Open your layout. Do all your checks (correct page size, correct photo resolution, proper bleeds, etc.). The easiest option is to run "Save for Service Provider" (under Utilities/Plugins).

2. Double check that all your colors are CMYK not RGB
Pull down Windows to Show Colors...

This will display the Default Colors dialog box. In this box all the colors except for none, black, registration, need to be changed to cmyk. (cyan, magenta, yellow may already be cmyk)

1. Double click on a color
2. Make sure "Type:" is set to Process
3. Make sure "Model:" is set to CMYK
4. Make sure "Overprint" is unchecked
5. Click OK and select the next color
and so on ...

Any pre existing document colors need to be check and changed to CMYK

3. Create a Print Style:
You can create and customizes your own print style.

1. Launch PageMaker®
2. Pull down File to Print Styles to Define...
3. Click the New button
4. Enter the name of your new print style. (example: PrintSettings)
5. Click the OK button
6. Click the Edit button.

These are the Document settings:

• Pull up to Acrobat Distiller in the "PPD:" box

• Make sure "Copies:" is set to 1
• Uncheck "Collate", "Reverse" and "Proof"

• Click the "All" pages button

• Print: needs to be set to Both Pages

• Uncheck "Ignore 'Non-Printing' settings", "Reader's spreads" and "Print blank pages"

• Uncheck "Print all publications in book" and "Use paper settings for each publication"

• Set the "Orientation:" to portrait (the standing person)

Click the Paper button

• In the "Size:" box pull up to Custom ...

• Enter your publication size (8.375" x 10.75") plus one inch to the "width:" and "height:" boxes (9.375"x 11.75")

• Click the "OK" button to go back to the paper settings

• Make sure "Printer's Marks," "Page Information" and "Center Page" in print area are checked

• Set Tiling to None

• Make sure Scale is set to 100%

Click the Options button

• Send Image data: pull up to Normal

• Data encoding: pull down to Send binary Image data

• Download fonts: pull up to PostScript and TrueType

• Click the Normal button

• Uncheck the Page independence box

Click the Color button

• Click the Composite and Color buttons

• Mirror, Negative, Print colors in black, Preserve EPS color, and Separations need to be unchecked

• Optimized screen: needs to be set to Default

Click the Features button

• Click the Resolution: box and pull down to 2400dpi

Click the OK button

Now the new print style is listed in your Print Style dialog box. Click the Save button and you are ready to postscript.

4. Postscripting Your Pages

You will be building a postscript file and ultimately a pdf file for every single page of your document. If your magazine is 16 pages there will need to be 16 pdf files. We will also need to name your files using the following convention:
1. page number proceeded by 3 zeros for numbers less than 10 and 2 zeros 10 and above.
2. magazine name's two letter abbreviation
3. month and year
4. at the end

examples using Your Magazine as the title:
page one (cover):
page nine:
page fifteen:
page thirty eight:

1. Launch PageMaker®

2. Open your page

3. Pull down File to Printer Styles to your print style (example: PrintSettings)

4. In the Print document dialog box click on the Ranges: button

5. Type the page number you are postscripted.

6. Click the Options button

7. Verify that the page you want to save is listed in the Write PostScript to File: box (example:

8. Click the Save As... (or Browse) button

9. Go to the folder you want your postscript files saved and click the OK button.

10. Click the Save button on the Print Options dialog box

This will create a single page postscript file of the page you entered in step 5 above. Repeat steps 3-10 until all your pages are saved.

Now you are ready for creating PDFs.


1. Open Acrobat Distiller. Pull down on the Job Options tab and select MagazineSettings.

2. Drag your postscript files into the Distiller window.

3. Your Print Ready PDF files are ready to load on disk for printing!

Do not forget to include printouts of all your pages when sending your disk.


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Profiles Marketing Group
All rights reserved. is a division of
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